Media name: Lars G Lindberg

Station/Company: Radio Siljan – SWEDEN Date: 2014-10-01 12:44:19


Hello Peggy, When I find it proper to Comment a CD – I´ll do so. Much of todays “so called Country” doesn’t stand up to the standards that I believe is Real Country. Therefor I was so amazed and happily surprised when I took home your New CD. You have it all in there! Great tunes, great musicians, great voice and a hell of a album. My Congratulations to a Superb Album. Soon as it´s my turn to run the show, at our station I´ll pick up some of your tunes….For Sure! Absolute stunning.. Great … Thanks Peggy for giving us the opportunity to listen.

Sincerely Lars G Lindberg CEO MCWC Radio Mora, Sweden Est- 1982 www.mcwc-radio.com

Testimonals from Radio Air Play

Testimonals from Radio Air Play



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